Pet Sitting Service

Puppies - Who doesn't love puppies, they are cute, playful and a bundle of fun. To have a puppy you need a lot of time and energy. To avoid accidents and damage they need to be watched constantly. We can come to your home to feed, play and exercise your puppy while you are out for any length of time.

Adult / Elderly Dogs - We can come to your home to feed your dog, keep him or her company, let into garden or take for a walk whichever is the more appropriate.

Kittens - As with puppies, all kittens are gorgeous and can get get up to all sorts. They need regular feeding and while you are playing with them they are not looking for things to play with - climbing curtains and shredding nets are great fun to a kitten. We can help save your home by coming to feed, play and give lots of cuddles and attention to them while you are out.

Adult / Elderly Cats - How many times have you been at work or just too far from home when the weather has turned to torrential rain or in recent years, bitterly cold with snow and ice and you start worrying about your cats being out? Cats will look for somewhere to shelter but there is no better place than the warmth and dryness of their own home.

Call "Next Pets Thing" and we can let them in, feed and dry them, clear litter trays and ensure they are happy.